A Failed Breakup

by Michael McFarland

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Blending 90s alternative rock, modern acoustic pop, and elemental rhythmic grooves, Michael McFarland's EP A Failed Breakup showcases the Asheville, North Carolina singer/songwriter's range. McFarland assembles a tightly crafted song cycle relating the tale of how his attempts to end a romantic relationship weren't meant to be. A Failed Breakup captures the essence of McFarland's stripped-down live acoustic performances while delivering a polished studio recording. Intimate lyrical word pictures are layered on top of irrepressible melodic hooks, delivered with rock & roll fervor, to relate how McFarland discovered that some stories aren't meant to end.


released June 20, 2013



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Michael McFarland Cleveland, Ohio

Unleaded rhythmic alt-pop fuels singer/songwriter and two-wheel troubadour Michael McFarland’s engine. Garnering comparisons ranging from modern rock groups such as Matchbox 20 & The Fray to classic singer-songwriters such as Paul Simon & Elton John, Michael McFarland in the simplest summary? Writer, Rocker, Biker, Geek. ... more

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Track Name: Sit & Wait
Sit alone
For as long as I can bear
It’s not my home
If there’s no one there to share it
And I know
That they all can see right through me
I won’t go
For my patience will renew me
Letting silence settle through me again

So I’ll sit here in the corner with my heart in my hand
Though there’s no one coming over and I don’t have a plan
There’s got to be somebody for someone who feels this way
And I’ll sit here till the morning, yeah if that’s what it takes
Till the sunlight strikes my silence through the dawn as it breaks
I don’t know exactly when I’ll come face to face with fate
But it seems as good a place as any to sit and wait

After light
Slips away and sets the gloaming
Into night
And the day has given way to eventide
Even tiring of the wait
I still decline
To accept what life’ll give me
Letting shadows settle with me again

Home, it feels like a hollow name
When there’s no one to share it with
And there’s no one to carry this hope at the end of the day
You’re alone
Every attempt to bury fails
These fragments of fairy tales
You’re a ship set with weary sails
Sewn from the sheets where you lay
But there’s got to be someone who feels this way
Track Name: Stay
Stopped to visit me from back in Ohio
Looking like the sunshine state
Just a couple hours and it’s time to go
Baby ’cause it’s getting late

Said she’d come back but she changed her mind
Only going to hurt us more
If we’re moving on, baby now’s the time
Kiss me and I’m out the door

All I can think to say is to
Stay young and beautiful, stay up late
Stay with your brother who moved out of state
Stay under cover of darkness as you’re walking away
Stay out the cubicle, play outside
Stay off the beaten path, love the ride
Stay true to yourself, stay young stay beautiful
If you can’t stay with me

Girl reminded me how to love again
Right when I was at my worst
Leaves me wondering of it had to end
The morning of the 31st

Do you ever feel like we’re not done yet
With what the future’s got in store
Take your seven breaths and it’s time to get
Packing up for Baltimore

All I can think to say is go do whatever girl
But you better

Stay, all I can think to say is girl what’s your hurry
Stay, you don’t have to go
Stay, all I can think to say is girl don’t you worry
Stay, when it’s right we’ll know
Track Name: Remember Me
She said, “it’s starting to get cold back here in Cleveland
And I haven’t seen the sun in seven days
And the ice is forming on the cuyahoga
But I hope those southern stars will light your way”

And like peeling off the pages of a calendar
Our year was ending soon
And the ducks all disappeared just like in Salinger
“Just promise me this too.

When the lights go down
In the Carolinas
When your eyes close now
Is it me you see?
As you find yourself
In the blue ridge mountains
And forget your past
Remember me”

She said, “the nights are getting lonely on the north coast
And I don’t laugh half as much since your escape
And I wish you’d say I’m only what you miss most
And I wonder what you want when you’re awake

With the seasons slowly slipping into memory
December came to call
Still I wonder whether you and I will ever be
As winter chases fall.

We started a fire
With wet wood and tinder
I’m not ready to retire
There’s still much more than cinders
With memories of me
As you slip into slumber

Just promise you will
Hold my heart still
You hold my heart still, don’t let go”
Track Name: A Failed Breakup
Morning came
Tears swelling in our eyes
We’re saying our goodbyes
Because I’m going away
We finished our debates
We go to different states
There’s nothing more to say
Except I love you and I’ll miss you

Don’t cry
No I can’t believe it
Can’t believe it
Didn’t take too long for us to see

Oh, there was no getting over
Getting over you
Try to let go, only kept getting closer
Time to face the truth
You turned your claddagh ring around
When I headed out of town
Now it’s 6 months later, guess it’s time to wake up
That this is what you’d call a failed breakup

New Year’s Eve
Another year that doesn’t start right
With kissing you at midnight
But you best believe
This isn’t close to over
Champagne til I’m sober
And it’s time to leave
Was it meant to be?
Because I love you
And I miss you

Don’t cry, no I
Can’t believe it
Can’t believe it
Closed eyes, nice try
I thought I’d get away

Because I love you
And I miss you
But I left you
Well that’s an issue!
What would we do
With a redo?
I would kiss you
I’m out of ways to say
I wish you were here
Track Name: Lighthouse
When you’ve run out of steam but fell short of land
When you’ve given your heart but still need a hand
When you’ve followed the charts but don’t understand
Why your faith fails

When your compass is cracked and won’t show the way
And the taste on your tongue is all sea & spray
And you hold onto hope for the light of day
Raise your sails

Anchors will weigh you down
With ships lost and never found
But you’ll never run aground
Cause I’ll be your lighthouse

When the siren’s song steers you to your grave
To be dashed on the rocks or beneath the waves
And the sonorous sound makes you their slave
Cover your ears

When the wind’s whipping wild in the black of night
And your last hope for help’s slipping out of site
With no stars to be seen but I’m shining bright
To stay your fears

So get up, move ahead, don’t you let up
Even if it’s a setup, I’ll be your lighthouse
Hold out, though it’s dark and it’s cold out
Even if you’ve been sold out, I’ll be your lighthouse